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Archive for November, 2012

Champions of Syn City

The past weekend was highlighted by Paolo Mendez dominating his toughest challenger up to now while he took care of Adam Atom via armbar in the second round.
This have to have boosted his confidence as Mendez was noted for ducking Atom … from the post-fight-interview he said “ill fight anybody, anytime”. The interviewer responded with “Even YB Sol?”. Mendez responded with “Who the hell is YB Sol?”.

Saturday Steve Foxx captured the heavyweight-title via submission due to strikes. Its reliable advice Foxx is probably the most feared strikers within the universe.

Sean Roday, Vane Nighthawk and Franjy Izgrate rebounded from previous losses in impressive fashion.

Mike Jones upset KO-artist Frank Marciano via knocking him out cold using a slam.

And Ignacio Pujols has developed into a serious threat to the middleweight-title, but he must wait untill DJ Penn has experienced his chance against middleweight-king Fouad Barayev.

Mr. Martin Con defended his WW-title succesfully against Tim Drury and Dustin Hayz his LW-title inside a tremendous deal with Mikey Rison.

48 hours earlier Frank Marciano cemented his place as future title-challenger. Fans cant wait to view Marciano obtain it on with Mr. Con, but Mike Jones can screw those plans up as Marciano – as crazy as he is – has accepted another fight instead of awaiting Mr. Con to heal up.

And a day earlier DJ Penn had become the Nr. 1 contender from the MW-division after a spectacular RNC/Strike-combo-finish.

Coming up next weekend can be a stacked show Friday (with Marciano, Jones, Minimoto, Shiraishi etc.) before we head to saturday and also the clash with the titans between Vladchex and Foxx to the heavyweight-crown.
Also rumored for Sunday a 205lbs.-titlebought between Mendez and Atom.

Id just like to thank all the fighters and managers who interact with Synchronicity to use on good shows. Would affect the world together.

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Web casino games that are accessible by a number of of the very best gambling establishments from the United Kingdom and additional regions are seen in different ways, by different individuals. But for the good number of players and enthusiasts, these games from scratch card games to slot machines all these are there for leisure and maximum entertainment. When there’s a need to relax and let loose, then these on-line offers specially the slot machines UK are the very best source of enjoyable and leisure. For others, the allure of those internet casino games can come from the opportunity to win cash and big. Yes, you too might fuse leisure and the chance to win cash but keep in mind that there are a number of vital things that you should remember so that you may fully take benefit of what those games might give you. What you may do is to play these games responsibly. When you handle for entertaining and cash responsibly, then it’s easier for you to fully take benefit of these on-line casino games.

There are a variety of ways on how you might method these games so that you are able to play these responsibly. For example when you choose to handle scratch card games then make sure you decide for starters the amount of cash that you are willing to handle. if by any chance you have lost as well much money by playing those slots UK games and additional side games you can find on the website, then it’s finest to stop for awhile and try to play additional free games first. Keep in mind that you will only lose a number of more cash when you decide to enjoy more. Aside from money, you also need to decide on the length of time that you need to enjoy the games. If you are gaining, make confident you take a break as well. In some online casinos you should find quite a few speak halls or additional side games that you might attempt for free.

At the end of the day, those games are games of chance. Try to have a budget and make sure you fully delight in those slots UK games. Have fun, unwind by trying those games yet make certain you are still in control. 

Is this Cybernations?

Cybernations can be a game nearly the same as Lord Empires, Nation states or civilization, simply it is situated in some other time.

Hands Per Hour – Cyber Nations isn’t a game that can be carried out in one sitting and there is really no way to ‘beat’ the game. There are numerous different methods for you to construct your nation treat your people kindly through representation of an benevolent government or rule all of them with an iron fist like a malevolent dictator. Turned into a war monger and participate in destroying other nations or grow peacefully being a diplomat one of the other nations around the globe. Expand your nation in proportions and strength to become all powerful or run your nation in to the ground through mismanagement. It&rsquos entirely up to you.

Making A Nation – The first thing you’ll should do is register a ruler name. This allows you to keep one single username which your nation is going to be created under. Next you will need to create your nation. The Make Your Nation page allows that you you could make your nation giving it an identity and beginning settings. It’s all up to you on which you choose when creating your nation. There is no wrong or right answer here. Once you’ve successfully created your nation you will notice that the left navigation menu expands with additional links. New menu items includes links to deal with your nation (view nation, view nation map, deploy military, wage war, edit your nation, etc…) perform nation purchases (land, infrastructure, military, etc…) and links to see other nations and details about the Cyber Nations world. View the Sample Nation to acquire a concept of what your nation screen may be like when you build your own nation watching the Demonstration Video to look at a quick overview on gameplay.

Playing the Game – Once you’ve registered an end user ID and created your nation there are many actions. You can buy infrastructure, land, build your military forces, or begin saving your money to get that first amount of technology which direction you wish to go

The top alliance from the game at the moment is clearly Guru Order. If you join Cybernations contact its founder Mentor for more information on what you ought to do today to join.

Television is focused on ratings. Your ratings significantly drop and you get sacked. Lisa’s show is also getting cancelled in My Farm Life 2, the 2nd part of this fun and addictive farming game. She’s attempting to do everything entirely possible that her show somehow survives. She started a rooftoop garden and her organic venture is about to be tested. Farming games fans should look out for these pc computer games. It’s a classic time management farming game with a cute storyline.

My Farm Life 2 has 50 levels in 3 different modes (relaxed mode included) and you’ll also obtain 38 trophies. You can find selection of crops that should be planted, watered and harvested. Your work is likewise to deal with animals so that you can produce milk, eggs or honey. It will be possible to buy different machines to make awesome items like jam from strawberries or cheese from milk. Bread and croissant machines certainly are a bit expensive but in order to make itthrough thelevels you must buy them at some stage.

Just about any level lets you purchase cows, goats, hens, raspberries, tomatoes, pickles, melons etc. As a way to pass each level you should deliver crops to Carlos that may pay you cash for just about any crops delivered. Fill all his empty baskets with produce not to mention don’t forget to do other objectives as well to pass through a level.

Carlos is not a very likeable dude tho but there are a some great helpers around too which may be activated by doing certain actions for ie. repairing machines, delivering orders, watering or harvesting the same crops. You need to make use of them to conquer levels in time.

Lisa is quite fast and in addition there are some upgrades which will make her very fast for a short period of time. Having the ability to organize my farm is alsoamong my favourite parts. The game controls are very balanced plus a pretty intuitive interface allowsyou to play game. So that it rarely happens that you do something by accident. Each component of the farm is rearrangable at at any time and when you geteager for money selling your products is a piece of cake.

Farming games computer like this will usually find aplace among farming fans. Enough said. Prepare to acquire your hands dirty once more in My Farm Life 2.

Play Centre Court Slots and experience the oldest Grand Slam

If you are a enthusiastic of tennis then you be aware that the oldest and a lot of prestigious tennis tournament has been completed. For decades now Wimbledon has been charming a lot of players and the enthusiasts thanks to the well-manicured lawns, the well-behaved spectators and the tennis users who are all clad in white. The experience can be known as being surreal and overtly dramatic for the visitors and the fans that should undoubtedly linger in their minds. But did you know that you might still reminisce about the games played if you handle pokies on-line that are tennis-inspired? Yes, even in tennis you’ll find slot games that are offered for cash games and might be free pokies as well. The newest take on tennis as a slot game is ‘Center Court’ slot machines. This might refer to the many revered court on Wimbledon, the Center Court. Just like additional foremost titles, you don’t need to carry loads of money. You are able to even begin with a minimal $10-$20 to begin the tennis balls rolling.As a game for internet gambling, this might come with 5 reels and 9 lines whole with all the information and symbols that you will usually associate with tennis and Wimbledon.  The wild symbol for this game is the Wimbledon trophy and the scatter here is your tennis ball. The only minor complaint with the game is that the design leave much to be desired. You might even say that several of the best scratchies in sports themes are even much better. But when it comes to amusement value, it’s truly hard to argue with this name that celebrates the oldest grand slam tournament.If you are passionate about sports-themed on-line games then ‘Center Court’ is a good begin. You are able to check out out other sport-related pokies and even scratchies in a number of of the top online sites on-line. You are able to start by clicking on this site to access new titles. Sports-themed games should always be in-demand, so play it with confidence.