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Archive for October, 2013

I am certain you have spent lots of money about the game Candy Crush. The person who has  played Candy Crush recognizes that it’s the two best and the worst thing to ever get lucky and you. The Facebook and iPhone game is principally Bejeweled meets Candy Land meets being addicted.

And yes it earns its developers millions in income.

Candy Crush 109 is often a “freemium” app, which suggests it’s free to download, but users can get in-game upgrades for more moves, more lives, more levels, etc. Candy Crush 56 has perfected the skill of in-app purchases since you are merely compelled to hold playing.

Just a few weeks ago, AppAdvice (H/T Buzzfeed) announced that Candy Crush 77 maker King dot com was building a little on the 500, 000 of dollars per day, earning over almsot 1 / 4 of your billion annually and making the app the #1 money maker in the App Store. But think about this month?

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Because the game celebrates its first birthday, it turned out released in September of 2012, the money keeps rolling in. Now, according to data at ThinkGaming, Candy Crush grosses greater than 3/4 of a million dollars daily (it’s still the #1 cash maker from the App Store and has held that top position for months).

That number seems large, in fact it is, but considering nearly 7.7 million users are active daily (with tens of thousands of the latest users inatallation every single day), it sums in the market to about 11 cents per user.

But everybody knows some people are spending a lot more than others (plus, you can’t buy anything for 11 cents. The cheapest is $.99). Also, King adjusted on record stating that 70 percent of users around the last level haven’t paid a penny.

So who’s spending everything that money? It may be anyone. Probably it can be you.

GAMMA News #27

Today along is your GAMMA Gossip host, Capelli King!! Lets get started doing the modern records and last weeks MMA event reviews!

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New Records!

Jesse Venturia just lately broke in to the all time total fights in GAMMA with when using (28) fights surpassing Tony Mendez (which just returned towards the org) and Sol Tavarez which both had (27). Jesse was not ever a premier level fight, however he puts on a show plus his 28 fights for GAMMA he has a total of 13 KO/TKO’s which rates him 3rd within the in history list.

The GAMMA#327 Williams v Ironz fight last weekend was ranked (443.55) the second highest ranking for a GAMMA event ever, just 13 points behind GAMMA#247 Chigurh v Bantrell (459.95). The real difference is at that time GAMMA was running just one single event a week when compared with 2 it is running now. This is actually the second time Williams has headlined a high 10 GAMMA ranking event, one other being GAMMA#316 against Dubbery. The only fighters to headline more best events are Chigurh and Tonal with 3 events. Gillis has 2.

Last week saw GAMMA transfer to 3rd in history as a whole events held, surpassing the truly amazing CFC of Montreal! GAMMA has held as many as 330 events to date! There are only 6 other orgs with over 250 events held that happen to be still currently active. Almost every other orgs have no less than 100 events less held than GAMMA.


Brodie Sinclair vs Fred Ettish

It absolutely was suppose to become close fight, but Fred got tired with the tactical bullshit and chose to receive the fight with a lot more aggression. He was mixing up in the whole fight, with leg kicks, punches and an aggressive clinch game. He clearly did not want this to go to the floor and stuffed Brodie’s one takedown attempt. To get totally fair to Brodie, this fight didn’t go long enough for him to acquire his game going, he landed just 2 significant strikes during the whole fight which lasted just one single round. In the long run it was Fred’s diverse game which probably won him that one. He Brodie thinking the complete fight plus it ended in an unpredictable first round KO. It was a head kick and mounted GnP which eventually won him the fight.

Fred is going to be fighting Usain Watts inside a rematch next.

Danny Mangold v Adis Djurdjevic (for the 205lbs title)

As expected it would definitely come close……………no person had that it is this close though! Your dream ended a draw the first time in 205lbs background and exactly the second time ever it’s got happened in a title fight, the past time there was a attract a title fight was when Karl Denke fought Tank The Razors Edge way back in 2012-07-28. Just how close maybe it was? Mangold landed when using 55 strikes to Djurdjevic’s 54!!! Judge Alan Glass actually had your dream to be a win for Djurdjevic, 47 to 48, but generally it was very even.

Overall nobody had an advantage in the fight, Danny did get a few takedowns, however both fighters were built with a pretty even level of action within the fight and both were comfortable with fighting anywhere on the ground. Another thing is for certain, both fighters have a strong chin which has been tested many times inside the fight, without anyone receiving the advantage there. A rematch is most likely next, however much like the truth with Karl Denke last mid 2012, it will depend how one other fights go and who is highest ranking. Adis will probably be pushing with the rematch though.

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Welcome to GAMMA

GAMMA can be a top MMA organization which prides itself as being one of the best run, organized and active companies in the game since May 2009. Its current sponsor is Buyvisionproducts, one of many leading health supplement companies on the globe.

I might love to tell you somewhat about GAMMA and exactly how we run the org.

We do not hand pick fights
And we don’t have fighter preferences
Do not “support” a certain alliance or have “buddies” we force to the top level

We run two events each week, each event almost exclusively to at least one weight class, so you should expect to get one fight every three to five weeks. Older fighters that have peaked should be expected to address as early as double per month, younger fighters will fight more infrequently so they really have more time to train and develop. In general though, i wish to have my higher ranking fighters with top skills fighting more frequently than lower ranking fighters with average skills.

Note: In case your fighter can be a low ranking fighter (From 8,000 to 30,000 p4p ranking) and you want to get into the cage earlier, send me a message so that i can make him readily available for QFC fights.

We rarely give lower than 14 days notice to get a fight, usually it can be over fourteen days. The few rare cases are if someone rejected a fight or someone was inactive for over a week so we needed a replacement.

When we book fights, we consider 3 main factors:

- Hype/popularity comes first. In particular here is the case when i am booking the principle, Co-main event in most cases the superior 2-3 fights of each and every card (ie fights between top level fighters).
- p4p rankings comes next. That is obviously important and in most cases greatly associated with Hype/pop, however there are some rare times when someone is relatively unknown, though an increased p4p ranking (rise whether they have not fought for a while).
- Lastly i look at general skills and age. Normally, this is not just a factor when booking my main fights, but much more for newer fighters. Put simply i am going to never book someone that is aged 18 against someone which can be 27, irrelevant in the Hype/pop and p4p ranking, so in general In case you are under 26-two-and-a-half decades old i am going to take that under consideration and then try to book from other young fighters.

Rejecting fights is generally not appropriate for whatever reasons! Let me never book you should you be injured the time your dream is going to take place. “Planning to train” can be a poor excuse. Should you choose need to train, please let me know that in advance to ensure i wouldn’t book you in a fight beforehand.

Should you win, you may fight someone higher ranking, in case you loose it’ll be someone lower ranking, so if you carry on winning expect to be facing Godzilla eventually. A very important factor that you need to know is that there’s no problem with losing! The most important thing is always to remember this can be a strategy game and usually you’ll have one or more main advantage over the other players which you’ll want to expliot.

Know What is Sip ALG



Realizing what is Sip ALG is very important for VoIP service providers. It is a part and parcel of it. But it is really a surprising matter that many of the individuals who are making use of the services of VoIP network, do not know what is Sip ALG. This short article will cover each of the required items that are to be known about Sip ALG. The complete kind of ALG is application layer gateway. Most generally Sip ALG is employed in industrial routers. It has really some influence on VoIP network.


Why it really is necessary?

Sip ALG is prepared using the same way like proxy policies and offers the customers with the same kind of configuration possibilities. It has the specific functionality for enabling VoIP traffics for passing from each private to public also as public to private side of a firewall although using the NAPT. SIP ALG modifies and inspects the SIP site visitors for enabling the site visitors for passing by way of firewall. It has a great deal of financial benefits. That is why a lot of of the industrial routers are using the service of SIP ALG.


Fundamental Operations of SIP ALG

For starters, SIP ALG controls all SIP call activities. The inactive media timeout and get in touch with duration will help you for conserving the resources of network along with maximizing throughput. The SIP proxy server is also protected in the DOS flood attacks with the help of SIP ALG, Within the NAT and route mode, unknown messages are enabled to become passed. These are the primary operations of SIP ALG. You’ll find also some other added operations. The client applications can use dynamic TCP/UDP ports for communicating with identified ports which might be utilised by server apps. The network layer also converts the address data on each and every side of firewall.


Approaches of Turning it Off

Occasionally, enabled SIP ALG can create some difficulties. The SIP ALG isn’t needed often. When there’s no want of making use of SIP ALG, it’s greater to turn that off. But all the users ought to understand how to turn it off. The strategy of turning the SIP ALG is various depending on different routers. If the user wants to turn off his SIP ALG, then he’s advised to verify out the user manual offered together with the device. You need to check the alternatives for the ‘disable’ option. If you’re not acquainted with your router and SIP ALG, then you definitely can often ask for help in net and forums.



As you realize “what is SIP ALG” now, you should know about the significance and mechanism of it. It affects the VoIP network tremendously. Individuals are ensured to get pleasure from greater VoIP experience with enabled SIP ALG. But it is advised that you just use a reputed and effectively identified router. Unknown routers really often have complicated functions. As quite couple of folks make use of the unknown ones, you may not find a lot support about it in online. That’s why a reputed SIP ALG should be utilised.