I am certain you have spent lots of money about the game Candy Crush. The person who has  played Candy Crush recognizes that it’s the two best and the worst thing to ever get lucky and you. The Facebook and iPhone game is principally Bejeweled meets Candy Land meets being addicted.

And yes it earns its developers millions in income.

Candy Crush 109 is often a “freemium” app, which suggests it’s free to download, but users can get in-game upgrades for more moves, more lives, more levels, etc. Candy Crush 56 has perfected the skill of in-app purchases since you are merely compelled to hold playing.

Just a few weeks ago, AppAdvice (H/T Buzzfeed) announced that Candy Crush 77 maker King dot com was building a little on the 500, 000 of dollars per day, earning over almsot 1 / 4 of your billion annually and making the app the #1 money maker in the App Store. But think about this month?

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Because the game celebrates its first birthday, it turned out released in September of 2012, the money keeps rolling in. Now, according to data at ThinkGaming, Candy Crush grosses greater than 3/4 of a million dollars daily (it’s still the #1 cash maker from the App Store and has held that top position for months).

That number seems large, in fact it is, but considering nearly 7.7 million users are active daily (with tens of thousands of the latest users inatallation every single day), it sums in the market to about 11 cents per user.

But everybody knows some people are spending a lot more than others (plus, you can’t buy anything for 11 cents. The cheapest is $.99). Also, King adjusted on record stating that 70 percent of users around the last level haven’t paid a penny.

So who’s spending everything that money? It may be anyone. Probably it can be you.