Television is focused on ratings. Your ratings significantly drop and you get sacked. Lisa’s show is also getting cancelled in My Farm Life 2, the 2nd part of this fun and addictive farming game. She’s attempting to do everything entirely possible that her show somehow survives. She started a rooftoop garden and her organic venture is about to be tested. Farming games fans should look out for these pc computer games. It’s a classic time management farming game with a cute storyline.

My Farm Life 2 has 50 levels in 3 different modes (relaxed mode included) and you’ll also obtain 38 trophies. You can find selection of crops that should be planted, watered and harvested. Your work is likewise to deal with animals so that you can produce milk, eggs or honey. It will be possible to buy different machines to make awesome items like jam from strawberries or cheese from milk. Bread and croissant machines certainly are a bit expensive but in order to make itthrough thelevels you must buy them at some stage.

Just about any level lets you purchase cows, goats, hens, raspberries, tomatoes, pickles, melons etc. As a way to pass each level you should deliver crops to Carlos that may pay you cash for just about any crops delivered. Fill all his empty baskets with produce not to mention don’t forget to do other objectives as well to pass through a level.

Carlos is not a very likeable dude tho but there are a some great helpers around too which may be activated by doing certain actions for ie. repairing machines, delivering orders, watering or harvesting the same crops. You need to make use of them to conquer levels in time.

Lisa is quite fast and in addition there are some upgrades which will make her very fast for a short period of time. Having the ability to organize my farm is alsoamong my favourite parts. The game controls are very balanced plus a pretty intuitive interface allowsyou to play game. So that it rarely happens that you do something by accident. Each component of the farm is rearrangable at at any time and when you geteager for money selling your products is a piece of cake.

Farming games computer like this will usually find aplace among farming fans. Enough said. Prepare to acquire your hands dirty once more in My Farm Life 2.