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Tag: mma hall of fame

MMA News & Gossip Edition #36

We are doing the Gossip as of this moment (Mentor Guruland). That is Edition #36 of the world famous GAMMA Gossip! Sponsoring this information is Supplements

**General News**

- Drazen Kadoic (115253) has become the latest massive signing for GAMMA. The 29y old from Croatia is managed by ex best manager Mike Forentino, that is building a strong comeback in GAMMA with this particular second fighter. Drazen is ranked top 281p4p on the globe and #48 at 205lbs. He or she is also over a 5 fight winning streak, with his 4g iphone over Binzo Binzo in CFC. He’s got already fought in a portion of the top orgs including defunct Golden Standard and ONI and also more recently in CFC. His first fight will be against recent signing Jia “Pie” O Connor (181631).

- The GAMMA#348 St Juste v Wilson PPV was the very best rated event in GAMMA’s history, ranking within over 500 points.

- I will be seriously considering running only one event weekly. GAMMA happens to be famous for doing the precise opposite through the years. We’ve been running 2 events weekly forever and in many cases were built with a long haul with 3 events a week last 2009 and 2010 prior to the contenders org was made.

However, the next step is to concentrate on quality. Ideally i would like to have 2 PPV a week, that’s extremely hard together with the depth of the roster currently. Obviously that could change after a while, however time is the thing that do not have so we can’t afford to operate borderline profits as well as losses while our competition is making sets from 500,000 to 1,500,000 weekly simply because have fewer events.

What we should anticipate doing is develop a parallel organization for fighters aged 23y+, like the contenders, but it’s going to be for older well-versed fighters. So basically our contenders org signs fighters 16y to 22y prospects where as the brand new org will focus read more about talented fighters over 22y old enough, but which lack hype/popularity and p4p ranking. GAMMA will focus it’s efforts in top +3000 p4p fighters only.

Therefore our fighters aged under 23Y and all those with under 3000 p4p ranking, will make room to the new org. The contracts will always be the identical and you wont actually notice any difference in any respect. The newest org remains basically GAMMA, just you could express it is “Division 2″.

This decision is not final and i still is going to be running 2 events weekly for September and many of October. Furthermore, i still need find the correct person to run and own the newest organization.


Nero Aurelius v Fred Ettish (Cage Wars super fight in GAMMA)

This was suppose to be a top level super fight, in the end Fred Ettish wound up somewhere in the Brazilian tropical forest (he relocated to RIO instead of Vegas). It is kind of funny if you think about this, but Nero didn’t think it was funny in any respect, neither did Cage Wars Hilo. Come to take into consideration it, the event cost us MASSIVE as it was suppose to be the build up PPV to the Renan vs Wilson PPV, we ended up obtaining a hit here which pushed another event ratings and profit down a whole lot as well.

Anyway, Nero will probably be fighting Raz for his next Super fight instead. These were planned for Cage Wars, nevertheless it got moved for this reason.

Hantu Rockamole v Buster Grimes

I had this going down being a Hantu victory. He had shown a lot of promise lately. A win here could of put him in to the title picture. Buster was that big scalp he had to take him to a higher level. However it wasn’t to be for the up and comer as Buster turned back the time with this fight. He was on a bad run himself and desperately needed a victory to return to respectability. He that in very dominating fashion! KO having a head kick is about as spectacular because it gets. What impressed me more though is how Buster dominated all 3 rounds. The late KO was fundamentally the icing on the cake.

Arthur Curry v Edward Gamer (Aggressive Damage super fight in GAMMA)

Arthur Curry stumbled on GAMMA and got his first win in the massive fight Edward Gamer from Aggressive Damage. This can be the 9th super fight win for GAMMA out from the last 10! It turned out a remarkable TKO finish from the AD veteran. The only issue with this really is that Arthur acquired a 12 day injury in the process. Arthur could face Nero next with regards to the result of the Nero vs Raz Matazz super fight and how Fred Ettish does in their fight Ravi. Another thing is for certain, Arthur has already been from the 205lbs contention.

Wade Wilson vs Renan St Juste (Versus super fight in GAMMA)

Renan St Juste had become the 3rd fighter in GAMMA’s history being ranked #1 p4p rated fighter as well as been inducted on the MMA Tyccon Hall of fame!

He can also go down because shortest lived top p4p fighter ever as he held the rank for less than eventually! The day before the reigning p4p champion lost his fight, moving Renan (that was #2 at that time) into the #1 spot. The title was very over quickly though because Kyle Carlton won his fight working in london (several hours later). Regaining the very best spot. Renan had the opportunity get his title back, but he lost his fight Wilson.

Never the less, Renan was ranked #1 not less than some hours, enough to have drunk and are available to his own fight with 94% conditioning, which ultimately cost him the battle. The goal going into this fight ended up being to become #one of the world and you can say the attention was achieved.

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The following fighters gained 2 Free Fury Energizer 160Q for their Fight of the night performances:

Arthur Curry vs Edward Gamer
Buster Grimes vs Hantu Rockamole
Buster Grimes
Rashad Evans
Antonio Carlos Ferreira

**Key fights just for this week***

Tiyaro Feitsora v Degen Gambler
Prediction: Degen Gambler 65% favorite

Adis Djurdjevic v Jesse Custer (205lbs title fight)
Prediction: Adis Djurdjevic 70% favorite

Fidel Duberry v Donzel Fortunado (Steel Penn Super fight)
Prediction: Fidel Duberry 70% favorite

- To bet on this weekends fights review to Global Elite Group Booking.

So review and bet soon! It will make the fights more intriquing, notable and if you do your homework it must also bring about some profits to suit your needs also. Immediately the bookie can have even odds for all the fights around the card!!!

MMA News Edition #35

Capelli King along with you for Edition #35 of the world famous GAMMA Gossip!

**General News**

- Jia “Pie” O Connor (181631) is just about the latest significant signing for GAMMA. Jia is often a 11-, 23y old and already p4p ranked 206 within the world. He could be also regional organization CFA current champion. He could be expected to stay in the title picture almost immediately.

- The Global Elite Group (GEG) went a step further soon and officially made all orgs area of the same brand. As of now all GEG orgs will add (GEG) at the conclusion of their brand names.

- All eyes are saved to Renan St Juste because he takes on Wade Wilson of their super fight. If Renan can pull from the big win it him to the #1 p4p spot of the world, only the next person in GAMMA’s history to achieve that as soon as the greats Anton Chigurh and Jeremy Tonal.

Chris Karter of Convicted has bet 100,000$ in support of his alliance mate Lance Templeton to win this fight.


Josip Ruzic v Ravi Singh

Josip went inside the favorite with this fight and he failed to disappoint! This became the next straight win for Josip since joining and the first inside the GAMMA cage. This was not a fancy win. Actually it occurred to yest another decision, however Josip will need this against a difficult competitor in Ravi. Josip are certain to get his first seen fight next against GAMMA 185lbs legend, Frank Sinatra and this is off a fantastic win over Fred Ettish.

John Galt v Vic Bauer (Aggressive Damage Super fight)

This lowers because the original super fight bring in GAMMA’s history!

Raz Matazz vs Bruce Jenkins (Versus Super fight)

Raz is constant his world tour and man is he enjoying himself! Last London yet another KO win! Bruce was clueless what hit him. Raz was in full control of your struggle before the 3rd round whilst decided the punishment was enough and set Bruce away having a left in the actual clinch, Bruce failed to stand up from that. This became the 8th win for GAMMA away from its last 10 super fights against top competition all over the world (one as a draw).

Peter Cabreros v Karl De Groot (155lbs title fight)

Another one i obtained wrong. Your struggle was extremely close, not quite as close as the past fight, nonetheless it went down to some decision. It was ab muscles first 155lbs title fight in GAMMA’s history, plus it was worth its elite status. Ultimately it had been a split decision with a few controversy. Peter is demanding a rematch, that she may get, based on the challengers.

Kenichi Shirahama vs Simon Williams 2 (265+ title fight)

The first ever 265+ title fight and……………….it was a draw! Following a very close affair which Kenichi won before, this time it attended a draw! For several this is a fight that Simon was expected another and show his class. He had the second round won on the books, however it had not been a dominating display in almost any respects.

- Sponsoring our fight of the night awards is 

Simon Williams vs Kenichi Shirahama
Rick James vs Leo McGarry
Vladik Fedotov
Usain Watts
James Harbor

**Key fights for this week***

Hantu Rockamole v Buster Grimes
Prediction: Hantu Rockamole Win

Arthur Curry v Edward Gamer (Agressive Damage super fight in GAMMA)
Prediction: Arthur Curry win

Nero Aurelius v Fred Ettish (Cage Wars super fight in GAMMA)
Prediction: Fred Ettish win

Wade Wilson vs Renan St Juste (Versus super fight in GAMMA)
Prediction: Renan St Juste win

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Virtual MMA stud!

Raz Matazz wrote GAMMA and MMA history over the weekend while he took over as first 3 time champion of GAMMA!!!

Up until now, nobody within our history ever won a title over two times. Besides Raz, there were 5 other fighters which have lost and regained their title once, those are:

Hendo Han which became the first to regain his title back when he won the 265lbs title belt, Hendo Han had regained his title after beating Webster for that title, he was the underdog both in his 265lbs title fights, but pulled off major wins.

Karl Denke which regained his title after temporarily losing it to Bancroft. Karl Denke recently left the organization right after successfull years. He is not competing in neighbouring L . A . organization Ascension.

The great Jeremy Tonal, which lost his title prior to he took his tour, he won the title back after winning the Syn 2million tourney. But after impressive wins worldwide lost his title with a biggest upsets in MMA history as he lost to William McKenzie King. King famously lost 3 super fights after than before retiring.

Alan Bundy which regained his 170lbs title (he still holds that title for this day). Alan has long been very dominant after regaining his title and is also now competing around the super fight circuit.

The only fighter to win a title by 50 % weight classes is Mikhail Yudovich which held the 185 and 205 titles. Ironically he lost those titles to Raz Matazz and Jeremy Tonal. She has been inducted towards the GAMMA HOF.

Raz Matazz is going to be defending his title around the 1st of December again newcomer Usain Watts in what ought to be a vintage GAMMA title fight for your ages! 

Raz also supports the record for the most in history wins with 32. He is also second from the in history total fights list behind just Jack Burton.