The past weekend was highlighted by Paolo Mendez dominating his toughest challenger up to now while he took care of Adam Atom via armbar in the second round.
This have to have boosted his confidence as Mendez was noted for ducking Atom … from the post-fight-interview he said “ill fight anybody, anytime”. The interviewer responded with “Even YB Sol?”. Mendez responded with “Who the hell is YB Sol?”.

Saturday Steve Foxx captured the heavyweight-title via submission due to strikes. Its reliable advice Foxx is probably the most feared strikers within the universe.

Sean Roday, Vane Nighthawk and Franjy Izgrate rebounded from previous losses in impressive fashion.

Mike Jones upset KO-artist Frank Marciano via knocking him out cold using a slam.

And Ignacio Pujols has developed into a serious threat to the middleweight-title, but he must wait untill DJ Penn has experienced his chance against middleweight-king Fouad Barayev.

Mr. Martin Con defended his WW-title succesfully against Tim Drury and Dustin Hayz his LW-title inside a tremendous deal with Mikey Rison.

48 hours earlier Frank Marciano cemented his place as future title-challenger. Fans cant wait to view Marciano obtain it on with Mr. Con, but Mike Jones can screw those plans up as Marciano – as crazy as he is – has accepted another fight instead of awaiting Mr. Con to heal up.

And a day earlier DJ Penn had become the Nr. 1 contender from the MW-division after a spectacular RNC/Strike-combo-finish.

Coming up next weekend can be a stacked show Friday (with Marciano, Jones, Minimoto, Shiraishi etc.) before we head to saturday and also the clash with the titans between Vladchex and Foxx to the heavyweight-crown.
Also rumored for Sunday a 205lbs.-titlebought between Mendez and Atom.

Id just like to thank all the fighters and managers who interact with Synchronicity to use on good shows. Would affect the world together.

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