First of all i must greet you to GAMMA Renan!

Renan: Hey man, good to be here in GAMMA!

Question #1: You simply recently gone to live in GAMMA, why have you come along?

Answer #1: First, I have to thanks for this interview. My career goal shall be recognized worlwide as the greatest welterweight fighter to grace the Tycoon world. I understand the I’ve the abilities and determination to do it. I simply require a venue to let people see my greatness and that GAMMA, the mecca of fighting in Vegas, is that venue.

Question #2: You are only 26 years, but are part of Extreme Fight Club (EFC), Hall of Fame, how can that feel?

Answer #2: It is definitely a humbling feeling to become hall of famer at this kind of young age. EFC would have been a amazing organization in Hilo. I needed some of my best moments there and the org really helped me to then come the top league

Question #3: Inside your first fight you pummelled Akekae Pokaku and gained the Fight of the Night award with the impressive KO. Whoever else got to say on that first win in GAMMA?

Answer #3: In truth, I&rsquom disappointed with myself. Yeah it had been an initial round KO and however permit him to hit me witth his punches. If I wish to have that elite level I will really look out for those. I&rsquom a perfectionist and I cannot make the same mistakes again.

Question #4: Your following fight is against Attacking Young Boys in fact it is the very best contender fight for that 170lbs title. Whatrrrs your opinion your odds are in this fight?

Answer#4: This is the classic fully stand up vs ground guy. We understand what he must do since he’s no match for me standing. I’ll do my best to impose my will rather than ignore it to the ground. But to know, I have a few some misconception my sleeves.

Question #5: You was originally planned to battle Alan Bundy for the title, however the fight got cancelled because of him entering a tourney in Europe. Ultimately the tourney was also cancelled. Whatrrrs your opinion of the present GAMMA 170lbs champion?

Answer#5: What happens? I do think the champion Alan Bundy is absolutely scared of me. He used just the tourney to duck me. And when he&rsquos sure that he won’t be my next fight, he goes back here. Win or lose inside my next match, I understand will have my time contrary to the champ and when that period comes I hope he’s ready.